How I got from there to here, the backstory to my photography life

February 17, 2017

I truly love what I do and I am beyond blessed to have this passion as my job. They always say whenever you love what you do it is not work. So now I am a small fish in a big pond but that doesn’t scare me, it drives me to stand out and be better. How am I able to do that? Well everyone that walks into my door is not a client but a friend, and I strive to create a relationship and friendship not a merely a working business relationship. As you just read that you might be thinking, well I don’t need any more friends because I have plenty. Trust me, being friends with your photographer pays off, maybe not in the way you are thinking right now so let me explain. Anyone is able to tell you to stand in a line, smile, and click the button; but those are not the memories we all want to capture and have on our walls, we all want those priceless moments captured of the kids playing, husband and wife loving each other and all laughing together. Well how do you get those picture perfect memories??? By being yourself!!! What better way to be yourself than with a friend? I try and create a friendship so when you show up for your photo shoot you are 100% comfortable and are able to be yourself. Let’s face it, photo shoots are not the most enjoyable things for most of us, but when we are able to have fun they go by so much faster, aren’t so painful, and I can capture those priceless moments we are all looking for. So what better way to start building this friendship than for you to learn a little something about me?

Owning my own business was always a dream of mine, but I never thought my dream would become a reality. Through this blog I will take you on the journey that has lead me to the point in my life where I am now, pulling back the current and revealing what has driven me!


Flashback to five years ago, I married the most amazing man and something I learned very fast about marriage is it takes sacrifice! The biggest one for me was agreeing to start this crazy life of the Army with him. The first two years of our marriage we got to live in Italy…Yes it was the most amazing two years of traveling and seeing Europe. Now remember this was not our honeymoon, this is that crazy life I signed up for…The Military! This wonderful job location also came with a lot of alone time. My husband was training, always prepping for deployment, and late nights of me worrying about him jumping out of airplanes. As if this new country was not enough of a change, with a language I didn’t understand, but I was also living on my own for the first time in 21 years. My mom is my best friend and when I lived at home we would do everything together; go to gym, go on photo shoots together, cook, bake, walk the dog, you name it we did it with each other! I couldn’t image going a day without talking to her and telling her about what I am going through, BUT with a 9 hour time difference this made it really hard. The time difference meant one of us was waking up and the other was getting ready for bed, so now what???? My hubby is not home, my best friend was not just a phone call or text away, I left all my friends AND a language I knew. The one thing I knew that would never leave me...The Lord.


My relationship with the Lord became so strong because he was always there for me. I found so much comfort, peace, and he was always awake when I was…even at 2am when I couldn’t sleep. Another awesome talent the Lord had given me was, a passion for photography, so my camera became my best friend. I understood its language, it didn’t go on training missions, and it was on the same time zone as me no matter where I had to move ha ha. Through those 2 years of living in Italy I had taken thousands of photos of amazing historic buildings, places of beauty, and for fun I had taken photos for the friends I had made out there. Something I learned very fast with the military, all good and bad locations must come to an end. So it was time for us to leave Italy and I thought photography would always just be a cool passion and something that always gave me comfort as we moved every 2-3 years. Little did I know that he would use this passion in me to run a business that I strive to honor and glorify him in everything I do.


The next journey of our lives included two very big surprises, pregnancy with our first little baby boy AND moving to upstate New York. With those two changes in our lives my passion for photography had to be put on hold. I had no time to photograph with a new baby and it was winter almost all year long with at times -55 degree temperatures. My love for photos never ended through all this, but I knew I had to hire someone who knew what they were doing with newborns to photograph my son. The thought of photographing this once in a life time memory scared me, because I didn’t want to miss his first week of life as I knew I would never be able to get it back. As we sat and watched our son’s first week of life being recorded, I realized this was the only way to “freeze” a moment in time, so I could look back and remember how small and precious he was.


Well fast forward 2 years and remember how I said earlier all good and bad locations must come to an end? Well thank goodness this bad location was coming to an end, and do you also remember our move from Italy to New York included me being pregnant? Well…so did this move to South Carolina. (I am starting to see a trend and every time I move I am pregnant…note to self ha) This time around with our beautiful baby girl I was determined and felt confident in taking her newborn photos. To my surprise and happiness I “succeeded!!!” Now this success I am talking about wasn’t what I thought it would be. In my head I thought it was going to be much easier, plus the photos would be magazine quality. In reality the process was much longer, required sooo much more patience than I thought, everything didn’t go as smooth as I would have liked, and post editing was a nightmare. Well we all have to start somewhere but with all the bumps in the road it didn’t stop me from wanting to take more newborn photos. Another gift the Lord has given me is determination, and thanks to my daughter’s photo shoot it gave me such a drive and a passion to understand and learn new tricks as to how to make a newborn photo shoot successful. Fast forward again to the here and now and I can say I have truly succeeded!! I am beyond excited with my finished products for my clients (my clients are too ha), photographing a newborn doesn’t scare me but it excites me, and post editing isn’t so bad now.


TL;DR version:

  • Married into the Army and moved to Italy to live for two years

  • Away from family, my relationship with the Lord strengthened and he also reinforced my passion for Photography

  • Moved from Italy to upstate New York and had first child, photography was put to back burner

  • Not wanting to miss newborn opportunity, hired a photographer to take on the task

  • Moved from New York to South Carolina, had second child (moving = babies ??)

  • Took on the challenge of photographing newborn daughter, “succeeded”

  • Realization, first photo shoot does not equal magazine quality, had to build knowledge & skills

  • Have been able to turn passion into job and am loving every minute I get to capture those precious moments

  • Having a friend relationship with your photographer leads to more natural photos and less awkwardness that is portrayed in the images simply because you’re more comfortable

  • Let’s be friends and capture those memories together!


So let’s start our friendship today and send me an email with the caption Friendship001 to and I will send you a coupon code to use on your next photo shoot and the start of a rewarding and fun friendship.

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