Newborn Sessions: What to Expect From the Unexpected

March 19, 2017

Most of us moms have one thing in common, we all agree our children are growing up too fast, or have already grown up way too fast. In my last blog I talked about my realization that taking a photograph is the only way to “freeze” a moment in time, so we can look back and remember how life used to be. In the next blog I will be talking about when to hire a professional after this small newborn window is over, but for now I would like to talk about when is the best time to get those precious newborn photos taken? Some questions that might be going through your head are; can I wait to take my photos so I am not as tired? When I booked my session why did my photographer tell me my newborn session is going to be a 2-4hr window? What can I do to help make my baby be a perfect angel so we are not wasting our time? And lastly, what can I expect during my session?


Time often moves way too fast for us mamas and sometimes we realize that fact after the moment is gone and we are not able to get it back. Something that has opened my eyes to this is, after my newborn clients get their first photo shoot done mama gets to see her baby’s photos 1-4 weeks later. One of the most common things they say to me is, wow my baby is no longer that small and he/she has changed so much. One to four weeks doesn’t seem like a large window of time, but with these newborns a lot changes very fast, so now the question becomes, when is the best time to “freeze” that moment? Ideally before your baby is 10 days old, however, if we are not able to accomplish that the next best time frame is up to 14 days old. Photos might be the last thing on your minds with being so tired, having hormones go crazy, and everyone wanting to stop by to see you and your new baby. Trust me when I say, make this a first on your priority list. Photos are never something you will look back on and say; wow I wish I would have slept-in instead of doing that photo shoot. 


Now your next question might be why such a short time window? I do have some method to my madness; first off, in order to get these sweet babies in baskets and props they must be fully asleep, this is strictly for the safety of the baby, and sleep is one thing these babies do quite well at this age(though not always when we want/need them to). With this, we schedule your newborn session in the morning because babies are still learning day time and night time. They are up all night and sleep in the morning, which makes it hard on you mamas but this is awesome for our session. Secondly, God created our bodies to be the most flexible at this age so that we are able to fit through the birth canal. We use this to our advantage in photos to allow us to shape and curl your baby into those adorable poses we all want hanging on our wall.  Third, the dreaded baby acne hasn’t come in quite yet, so we are able to capture that soft smooth baby skin.


Now that you understand a little more about the short time window to freeze this moment, I want to talk about why we schedule newborn sessions so long, and what you can do to help it go smoothly. Well the short answer to the first question is your baby is the boss. As much as I like to think I am the boss, I have learned very quickly that they are! The last thing we want to do is stress the boss out. Stressing and rushing your newborn is the fastest way to accomplish making them mad and they no longer want to cooperate with me. Now this is how you, as a mama, are able to help the session go smoothly so we can capture those beautiful images, DO NOT stress. I know this can be a very hard task as everyday brings something new. Maybe the night before it was the worst night sleep because your baby was up all night, and then to top it off you wake up late and you are trying to rush out of the house to make it on time and now you have forgotten things which means you will definitely be late, but that is OK. Staying calm means your baby stays calm because they feel your emotions and react off of that, so being a few minutes late is not a problem if both you and the baby show up calm to the session.


Once you get to the session, now what can you expect? Well one of the first questions I will ask you is what does your baby need at the moment? If you baby is fed and happily sleeping we will go ahead and start photographing, but if he/she needs to eat I will have you take care of that and during that time we will pick out props and colors of backgrounds so no time is wasted. From there the ideal situation is that they will be full of milk so we can start photographing right away, however that doesn’t always happen. A few things to keep in mind during your session, your baby will take some time to get use to the new environment, the lights, sounds, and this strange new person who is holding and moving them probably more than they have ever been moved in their short little life. Just remember that it is OK and totally normal; this is all part of my job and I will make the most of every situation so we will capture those beautiful moments. Patience is the name of the game and trust me when I say; I have it and will not give up until I feel I have done my job perfectly for you. Also be aware your baby will probably want to eat more during his newborn session, why? Because it is comforting to them, so don’t be alarmed when he/she has already gone through 4 hrs of milk in the first 2 hrs, it won’t hurt them to eat a little extra that day to keep them calm and asleep.


Now hopefully I have answered some questions that were going through your head so you can feel more comfortable and relaxed about your baby’s newborn session, so it can be stress free and enjoyable for all of you. If I was not able to answer your question in this blog I would really love to hear from you. Send me an email and I would love to chat more to answer anymore questions you may have,

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