Baby Andrew's Sneak-peek

March 24, 2017

We all have busy schedules and trust me when I say, wanting the ability to be in two places at once has crossed my mind many times before, but we all know it’s impossible. Sadly I am not writing this to tell you I have found a way…bummer I know and I am sorry if I got your hopes up. I do know the next best thing however, it is to take a lot of photos and document the big event, so that is exactly what I have done with this blog post for Andrew’s friends and family that were unable to attend his first photo shoot. Andrew was only 7 days old when we captured his newborn photos and I could already see that he is loved by soo many people. Trust me when I say it would have been impossible for EVERYONE that loves him to show up to his newborn session, for many reasons, and my biggest reason is; I am not sure my studio would have been able to accommodate all those people, so I am inviting you to “take a seat” in my studio and be in “two places at once”. Maybe you are upset you couldn’t make it to his session, but we always have to find the positives in every situation and a positive for you is that you get to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the 5 min read of our 3.5hr session.


Dream baby are the words I would use to describe baby Andrew and his sweet and calm nature throughout our entire session. He was absolutely perfect and was every photographers dream when we think of our ideal newborn clients. Erin, his mother, sure didn’t act like she was a first time mamma, and she did a fantastic job knowing exactly what Andrew wanted and when he wanted it. Right as they got to the studio I asked Erin what he needed and immediately she got his diaper changed, gave him a bottle and Andrew was awake and as happy as could be. At this point Erin’s job was done for a little bit and I got to get my hands on this beautiful and sweet baby boy, the highlight of my job. I got him all swaddled and comfortable on my beanbag prop and started photographing him for about 45mins with him being fully awake. He was an angel just starting at me, loving being warm and cozy, looking around seeing all the new lights and sounds, and the best part of it all was that he didn’t cry or fuss one time. After 45mins he was still awake and I felt I had captured his sweet and calm nature with his beautiful eyes opened, so I then passed him off to his grandma, who came into town to help out. Even though taking care of a newborn seemed like a long time ago, she never lost her touch and he was out like a light. From that point on we swiftly moved from one position to the next and transitioned to new props quickly because he was asleep and he let me move him around without him waking up or getting upset, one of the many reasons he was every photographers dream client.



My time photographing him was absolutely perfect and I could have taken photos of him all day, but sadly I had another appointment so this session had to come to an end. As I was trying to end the session he was just peacefully curled on the beanbag and I said about 4 times I needed to put my camera down and stop but I just couldn’t because he was just a pure joy to photograph.  I have attached some images below and when you look at them you will see why I had such a hard time putting my camera down, he is so handsome and perfect, but you will have to take a look for yourself in the snek-peek below.





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