Is Hiring a Photographer Right For You? If So, When?

April 11, 2017

In my last blog I geared it towards Newborn Photography and some common do’s and don’ts, but I know many of us are now past the newborn photographing stage, so now what? Most of us have bills to pay and we have a lot of other financial responsibilities other than hiring a photographer every time your child takes his/her first steps, grows a new tooth, or brings home a new bug. Some questions you might have are, why spend the money hiring professional photographer since everyone has a camera? I want a professional to take our photos but they are expensive, so when is the right time to invest in a photographer when the kids are young? If you have ever asked yourself those questions then you are in the right place, so let’s dive in!!!


Why spend the money on a professional?? Our phones take excellent photos and help capture those fun and crazy milestones along the way. We also no longer have to pull out the camcorder or have film developed and hope they turned out; as our kids get older they will either love or hate that we can record everything. I will go ahead and say sorry to mine now ha. Along with having our phones throughout the day, technology has been made very affordable and most of us own our own camera, so we can take fantastic photos right??? Well yes BUT you have to know how to use it properly! I can’t tell you the number of people who have told me, “well I bought a really nice camera and I thought I would take amazing photos but that was not the case.” If you are like the majority, you bought a camera hoping it would save you a bunch of money because now you don’t have to hire someone to capture those special moments, but that thought is not reality. Your beautiful camera might be out of the box collecting dust because it is very overwhelming and one day you will learn how to use it, or you use it but it is a very expensive and larger camera phone. 

Even in the Beginning I had an Assistant



So maybe you are to the point you want to hire someone, but whom and how do you chose one in million photographers who pop up every day? When you are hiring a professional photographer you are making a big investment and you are spending your hard earned money on a time that you can’t get back. In most of my blogs I have talked about the only way to “freeze” a moment in time is to take a photo, because we get only one time to live it!! I am sure you’ve heard the saying, “you get what you pay for,” and that is so true in many situations. In regards to photographers, choosing the cheapest person you could find or someone you know who claims to be photographer, might end up being a waste of your time and money sadly. When you are hiring someone who knows what they are doing with a camera they understand how to make you feel comfortable so you can be yourself, and they are able to capture your vision through their artistic eye so you can “freeze” that moment just as it happened which is allowing you to relive that moment each day as it is hanging on your walls. Remember that anybody is able to tell you to stand in a line, smile, and click the button, and if those are the memories and photos you want on your wall, I say go for it and enjoy your memories and no need to read further.


But if you want those priceless moments captured of the kids playing, husband and wife loving each other and all laughing together then invest in someone who is going to give you that. Well how do you know who will get you those picture perfect memories??? Ask the photographer to show you what a set of session photos might look like, because the photos on their website are going to be the best of their work and any good photographer would be happy to show a full session. Also, take the time to get to know the photographer, and let them get to know you; to ensure that your personalities and styles will mesh and create the perfect images you want, after all these are going on your walls, not the photographers! This will allow you to go into your session being confident that you have chosen the right person for the job, so you are able to trust in your photographer and their ability to capture those moments, and you can be yourself!!! The biggest take away from this is: the most expensive doesn’t always mean the best quality and cheapest doesn’t always lead to the best option in terms of a deal (see above, "you get what you pay for"); take your time, do some research and plan ahead. So I challenge you to send me a message and let’s schedule a date and time that you can come to my studio and see an example of what a full session would look like and get an understanding of what it is like working with me.


So hopefully you have a better understanding on how to narrow your list of potential photographers so you are able to choose the right photographer for you and your family; but now I want to talk about, when is best time to make these big investments when they are little. I have to say being a parent myself my kids do some really cute things and if money wasn’t an issue I would have someone photographing them ALL day everyday!! Ok, now back to reality where money is the problem in that wonderful statement I just made, and I will do my best to help educate you on when I feel it is best time to invest. Remember these times that I am giving are just my opinion, and I will explain why I feel this way for each of these ages, but in the long run these are your memories, so I don’t want you to feel you have to invest in all of them. Don’t become overwhelmed with all the ages I am giving you, pick one, pick all, or pick none and run with your own, it won’t hurt my feelings. I recommend you either follow my 1 year or my 2 year photographing suggestions, they both have the same number of sessions it is just a matter of the length of time in between each session, and this is all personal preference as to which to chose. Also the reason I give age ranges for each of the sessions is because every baby is different and what is import is when they reach those milestone. The time frame I give is an “around that time” these milestones should take place, so please there is no need to worry if they are not following this exact timeline.


 One Year Old Milestone


My 1st year photographing suggestions are; 2-4 months, 5-7 months and 1 year. In the 2-4 month window your baby can hold their own head up; at this age they start to smile, with their ability to hold up their own heads they are able look right at the camera, and they can do some tummy time, so they are not just lying on their backs throughout the whole session. Next would be 5-7 months old window with the key for this session being the baby is able to sit up on their own; at this age they will be grabbing toys, laughing, maybe even crawling, and the best one in my opinion they love to laugh at mommy and daddy! How could you say no to photographing this stage with that amazing milestone? So if you are seeing the pattern 8-10 month old would be the next session, but I have to break that pattern because not a lot has changed in this time frame, so take advantage of your phones, maybe that camera that is still in the box, or allow an aspiring photographer to practice taking photos of your child. The big 1 year mark would be my next time frame; there are no key milestones for this age, just being 1 is enough!! Smash cakes can be so fun for this session, they might be able to stand or even walk with or without help, and we can also capture some of those beautiful teeth they have been working so hard on.


My 2 year photographing sessions, 5-7 months, 1 year, and 2 year, are more of the larger milestones and more self explaining as to why I choose these milestones. 5-7 months; this would be the same key milestones as I said above. They have so much personality at this age that photographing them just being themselves is so much fun. 1 year and 2 years old would be my next two recommendations. Cake photos, running, playing, and just capturing their real personality is the key for these two photo shoots. In the long run the biggest thing to remember is, you can’t go wrong choosing either of these session groupings it is more personal preference as to which are the key memories you want to preserve. So which age groups are you, 1st year time freeze, 2 year time freeze, or make your own? Contact me at, I would love to hear your opinion and which you would choose. Even if your children are past this age group which one would you go back and pick?

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