Your Needs and Wants in a Newborn & Maternity Photographer

April 19, 2017

My previous post (read it here) talked about some of the generalities in terms of selecting a photographer, how to choose one, is one even right for you, here I want to get a little more specific. So now comes the fun part, why should you ultimately hire me as your photographer? Sounds kind of vain doesn’t it?! Don’t worry this won’t be a whole blog on me tooting my own horn on all the amazing and magical things I can do and have done in terms of photography. Instead I want to show you how I meet your needs and how my abilities are your wants! Whether you’re looking for newborn photos or stunning maternity images, this post will cover how I can turn your wants into a reality, creating those perfect images that will last a lifetime!


Maybe you’re not a first time mom and have tried to pose your newborn on your bed or a couch cushion, only to see that your sweet little angel looks nothing like those glorious Pinterest images and now you’re devastated and stressing that you’re missing the moment. Or maybe you’re a first time mom and thinking, ‘heck, I’ve got a fancy camera (or a camera on my phone) I’ll just take the pictures when my baby is born, I’ll have plenty of time to spend getting the image perfect.’ Remember when we were all so naive as first time parents thinking that this sweet little bundle of joy was NOT going to change our lifestyle?! Sure there are exceptions to this but come on, let’s be real here moms, life is a whole new experience with a newborn! So how do I fit your want or need? Easy, I’ll take the stress off your shoulders and put it on mine! All you need to do is bring your sweet little newborn to me and for up to four hours all you have to do is pick a few backdrops & props from my collection and then feed when called upon. Use this time to admire your baby from afar and see your beautiful creation in cute little poses, or in fun props. No need to worry about me being peed, or pooped on, I’ve got two children of my own and I’ve had the pleasure of “getting to know” a few newborn clients real well, if you know what I mean! J So other than the occasional time to feed, or if you want a family photo of you and daddy holding the baby, I’ve got you covered. I love working with newborns because this is how I get my baby fix now that I’m done having anymore of my own, your baby gets treated just like my baby, so if I wouldn’t put my baby in a position or prop, you can be sure yours won’t either!

 So you want specific newborn photos that you saw, or a friend did, and those have to be done to make the session perfect! Ok, this is a tricky one to be quite honest. Ultimately the only way to get that exact of a photo is to go to that exact photographer, hate to say it. The reality here is that each photographer is an artist looking at life and capturing moments through their own eyes, we all have our own styles and niches. If you have to have a specific photo, I can’t promise to give you the EXACT image, but I will give you my best work and capture that moment through the style that is my own, who knows your image may make your friend jealous of the photos you now have! ;)

 Alright, you haven’t had your baby yet but you want a stunning maternity image, that’s easy enough. Wait, you don’t have those flowing maternity gowns from the images that you fell in love with online?! Uh oh, that’s a problem…not for me; I have a selection of gowns for my mommy’s to be to choose from! From split belly gowns with a train, to a multi-way dress, to a “little black dress” to show off your beautiful pregnant curves. Flaunt it ladies, you should, you’re beautiful! Ok, so we’ve covered your want for maternity images with beautiful gowns, but what about locations? You say you don’t have the slightest idea where you might look good standing in a gown, I’ve got you covered ladies! Let me do the leg work of finding the ideal location for your maternity session. Once we chat for a little bit and I figure out more about you and your style I will research and explore countless locations to find the ideal fit for the perfect images to go on your wall. Or if you already have a location in mind, I will gladly work with you to capture the perfect angles to get those images you've been dreaming of.


So take a chance, contact me, let me show you how I am a perfect fit for you to capture all your special moments!

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