Savannah's Newborn Sneak-Peek

July 30, 2017

Every newborn has a distinct and unique cry, but for Savannah I couldn’t tell you what her cry sounded like for the first four hours of our session and the only reason I heard her cry was because mom and dad put her in her carseat to go home. Even then she only cried for about two minutes while daddy was buckling her up, but as soon as he picked her up she stopped crying right away. My sweet 8 day new boss showed up to her session yesterday wide awake for about 30 minutes, so during this time I took advantage of her beautiful eyes and all the sweet faces she was making. Once I had photographed her awake I got her swaddled, comfy and started to rock her to sleep, but then the dreaded hiccups came on!! I thought to myself, well she will probably start to scream and this could take a minute to get her fully asleep! If you are like me I find hiccups to be so annoying and they can hurt sometimes especially if they last for a long time...right?? Imagine with me that you weren't able to speak, had no clue what they were, and had absolutely no knowledge or way of get rid of them. What would you do? Probably scream because you felt so lost and hopeless, well most babies do cry when they get the hiccups for a long time but not sweet Savannah. She laid her head on my chest closed her eyes and just tried to sleep them away. Occasionally she would open her eyes look up at me and make sure I was still holding her and then drift back into la-la land. Before Savannah was born I had her mama, Jessi, to come to my studio to discuss her wants for the newborn session, and I always ask my clients to pick out a few extra props just in case the baby doesn’t fit, doesn’t like them, or we happen to have extra time and guess what? The extra time was the case for this session. Savannah was so sweet natured and relaxed that she allowed me to move her so effortlessly from one prop to the next that we got through them all including the extras! Plus I had the absolute honor and privilege of photographing my first firefighter family.  I feel there is no better way to honor and thank him for the hard work he puts in everyday to help keep us safe than to photograph him in uniform holding his sweet little girl; I definitely cannot forget Jessi and all the sacrifices she has to make as well in supporting her husband and the family. She truly was such an amazing baby to photograph and every photographers dream when we all think of our ideal “boss” and photo session.







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