Alli Morgan's Sneak-Peek

August 8, 2017

Being in front of the camera can be very intimidating for most people and tends to make them very shy and even the thought can stress some of us out, including me, that is why I am behind the camera 99.9% of the time ha! That was not the case for Alli as she took direction very well and was such a natural at being in front of the camera even though she didn’t think she was. She got her hair and makeup done by Pretty and Pinned and she was so beautiful, ellegant, and to top all that off, she has a wonderful and bubbly personality that made for such an enjoyable photoshoot! I am so looking forward to capturing Everett’s newborn photos as I know he will be so loved  because Alli and Philip are going to make amazing parents.

When I first talked with Alli on the phone she wasn’t sure how many photo sessions she wanted to do. Her main focus was on Newborn photos and wasn't quite sure if a maternity session would be something she would look back and regret not doing, but after talking with her she felt it would be best to schedule her session as it is such a special time in their lives. I am sure the majority of us can agree that hiring a photographer is a big investment and most people have to stop and ask themselves if this is something they will look back and regret not doing?  When we first showed up to the session she told me, “All I want is one good photo, so if that is all we get from the session I will be happy.” I have to say she has way more than one good photo in her gallery and here are four beautiful and elegant photos to give you a sneak-peek at some of the amazing images she will have for the rest of her life to remember what a blessing it was to carry their baby baby.                        






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