Easton's Newborn Sneak-Peek

September 18, 2017

Some much of life is completely unpredictable and at times totally out of our control as well. I know for me being pregnant with my second baby I was a little worried how family life, our dynamics, and how my first child was going to handle another baby being around. I am sure most moms feel this way, but to our surprise they do adapt really well! That is exactly what sweet Teagan did with her new baby brother Easton. I am not sure about you but I would be so excited if someone told me to just lay on a beanbag and hold this baby, and to my excitement she was! But as we all know babies have other thoughts in mind on how it will end up going. Easton was coo-ing and cah-ing and trying to figure out if he really wanted to lay there or not but sweet Teagan kept telling him “it’s ok brother, it’s ok” in between kissing him. That moment totally melted my heart to see the love and joy she has for him already. Once Teagan was all done modeling for me it was time to focus on Easton and capturing his sweet chubby cheeks and beautiful eyes.

If you were to ask me what a perfect session would look like my first thought would be a sleeping baby for the WHOLE session, but Easton (my handsome boss) had other thoughts on how he wanted to session to go. Trust me, that didn’t stop me from photographing him and making the most of what he wanted to do. I actually love when babies are awake for family photos so I can see his beautiful eyes and capture him gazing into his parents eyes. After family photos were taken he wasn’t as excited as Teagan was to lay on the beanbag. He would try and fall asleep but with the new environment there was so much he didn’t want to miss out on, and that was totally ok with me! For those few mins/secs he would fall asleep I would snap off as many photos as I could and trust me his pictures are absolutely drool worthy as you can see here in this sneak-peek! I truly loved working with Easton as he was so sweet and handsome, and the best part of it all was that even though he was awake for most of the session he was so content, just looking around and not crying at all. I know for a mama when a baby doesn’t cooperate during their newborn session it can be very stressful, but trust me when I say, I promise we have some amazing photos, as you can see here from how perfect and sweet he is!!!     





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