Nolan's Sneak-Peek

March 20, 2018

The word LOVE in our culture is used so many different ways. I love brownies, I love puppies, BUT when it comes to the definition of loving a baby it is totally different. The connection, bond, and passion is so instant and beyond imaginable. Love between two people can take a few weeks, months or even years, but the second I held my children in my arms for the first time that love was instant and unexplainable.


This is the love that I clearly see for Nolan with his parents Brett and Amy. This photo of Amy and Nolan is a great definition of what love looks like if you were to capture it on film. It makes my heart melt at the connection that they already have. They are amazing parents and take such great care of him and that shows through in Nolan’s amazing personality. Just like his parents, he is so calm and sweet natured. Throughout his whole newborn session I was able to position him and he never once cried even when he was trying to fall asleep. What an absolute dream baby he was to photograph. He is exactly the reason I love my job and am so thankful I get to meet sweet people.



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